M5Stick-V (AI Camera) - Need a start guide!

  • printf "Hello!";
    I've received M5Stack package recently, been playing with grey module but my main goal was developing with m5stick-V cam. I've plugged it into USB, tried built-in face recognition and thats it, Im stuck.

    What IDE do you suggest? Libraries? Im okay with python/C++

    Im new to computer vision and neural (if possible with this device lol) things. I want to try a gate camera which counts every man coming in dressed in white shirt (thats my goal example).

  • Hey Thrasher, I know you saw my post already, so this is for anyone else that comes along and see's your question. I've compiled a link/info dump on the M5StickV here: http://forum.m5stack.com/post/5162

    As for your test goal, I'd say check out the Machine Vision demo's on the Sipeed github page: https://github.com/sipeed/MaixPy_scripts/tree/master/machine_vision. They show a "find face" and a "find green" demo. I imagine you could first look for a face, and once found, look for a large percentage of the color white. For something more advanced, you could search for a pre-trained model that detects "humans" instead of faces.

  • @sboger Yep, thats exactly I was thinking about, algorythm like this: Detect human > Detect head > identify face > check for white %

    I will stick to your thread then since I believe you will progress there better than me and will try to contribute aswell if I discover something useful,
    Thank you